Managed Security

Protection to Help Your
Business Stay in Business

  • Lightpath SecureNet

    Internet + Security in one, simple solution

  • DDoS Protection

    24/7 proactive monitoring and automatic mitigation.

  • LP FlexNet

    Extensive suite of security features and Cisco Advanced Malware protection with high performance.

Every second lost to disrupted services has the potential to negatively impact your business’s finances and your brand’s reputation. Our Security Solutions prepare and protect your organization and your customers to help your business stay in business.

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Lightpath SecureNet

Today, being online means being exposed to risk. As malicious threats and disruptions continue to evolve and grow, not having the right solution can leave your business vulnerable. Lightpath SecureNet provides connectivity plus volumetric DDoS Protection to protect your business.

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DDoS Protection

There’s no greater threat to the success of your business than denying your customers access to your services. Our Managed Volumetric DDoS Protection Service with proactive detection, mitigation, and alert mechanisms is designed to protect your business and your peace of mind.

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LP FlexNet

​​​​​​​Integrated security layered throughout utilizing VPN protocols, firewalls, content filtering, anti-malware protection, and IDS/IPS. Automatic firmware updates keep current with security patches.


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