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Lightpath is revolutionizing how organizations connect to their digital destinations. 

Experience the Lightpath Difference

After 30 years in the connectivity business, Lightpath is hungrier than ever, and we are revolutionizing the industry.

We are leaving no stone unturned as we innovate across our entire organization - our network and technologies, the services we deliver, the customer service we offer, and the people driving the innovation.  

Learn more about Lightpath innovation below.

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Network Technologies

Lightpath is investing millions of dollars in network upgrades that include next-generation optical and packet networks that provide customers with unsurpassed service levels, resiliency, reliability, and security. 

These network upgrades not only make Lightpath services better, they also make them bigger.  With wavelength services up to an incredible 800 Gbps, it's easy to see that Lightpath is on the cutting edge of technology.  

Combined with the best engineering teams in the business, Lightpath custom-designs each solution into our network for optimal performance. 

Rethinking Customer Service

Lightpath is also innovating across the entire company when it comes to Customer Service. Every point in a customer's journey with Lightpath is being examined and improved, with the goal of creating the best experience in the industry.  

We've doubled the size of our sales force to offer customers better and more specialized service, combined with a consultative approach centered around our goal of being your Strategic Network Partner.  

We've expanded our support and account management teams to better serve existing customers. Every customer is now assigned a dedicated Account Manager.  

We are also innovating across our engineering, operations, support, and field teams to better serve our customers when they need us the most.  

Network Expansion

We're also not stopping with simply upgrading our network... we're also expanding it to new places.  

We continue to increase the reach of our network by building into new service locations, adding network in new areas, and pushing the boundaries of our current footprint.  

We also offer the financial boldness to build, and bring our network to new customers, something that other companies shy away from.   

Keep an eye on Lightpath as we continue to bring our network to more and more places, like yours.  

Our People

At the heart of the Lightpath revolution is our people.  

Many Lightpath employees count their tenure in decades, not years.  Long lasting customer relationships can also be counted in decades, and are a testament to the history of Lightpath and how we do business.  

Today, these same employees are embracing innovations across the organization and helping drive the changes that are creating the Lightpath difference for our customers.  

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