Lightpath SecureNet

Connectivity Plus Security, Bundled

Lightpath SecureNet

Today, being online means being exposed to risk. As malicious threats and disruptions continue to evolve, not having the right solution in place can leave your business vulnerable.

Lightpath SecureNet provides connectivity plus a choice of 3 all-in-one security packages designed to match your level of risk and protect your business.

Which SecureNet solution is right for your business?

FeatureProtectionSecureNetSecureNet PlusSecureNet Premium
(1) 100M-2Gb InternetReliable Internet connectivity
(2) 100M-2Gb InternetReliable Internet connectivity with no single point of failure
Managed DDOS ProtectionDetects, mitigates to protect against DDoS attacks
Managed Security GatewayVisibility of Internet traffic with dashboards and reports
Firewall (with NAT)Basic protection for Internet traffic
Advanced FirewallIncreased control for certain ports, protocols, services, geography
Site-to site VPNEncrypt data to maintain confidentiality and integrity
URL FilteringPrevents unethical, illegal, unscrupulous web locations
Intrusion Protection (IPS)Inspects traffic for anomalies, takes defensive measures. Protection from current and evolving threats
(2) MSD-UTM (option)No single point of failure for gateway
SD-WANTraffic shaping, circuit tolerance

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