A New Choice for All-Fiber Connectivity in Miami.

Hello Miami,
We're Lightpath.

A New Choice in Miami

Lightpath is now a new choice for all-fiber, enterprise-grade connectivity in Miami, with over 55 route miles of brand new, subterranean fiber connecting the area.

Lightpath offers a complete suite of connectivity solutions including Ethernet, wavelengths, Internet access, dark fiberprivate networks, and more. In addition, you can connect to Miami-area data centers and major cloud providers, with additional connectivity options for cable landing stations. 

Rapid Expansion of Miami Network

Lightpath also has planned out rapid network expansion in the area that will blanket all of Miami Metro will enterprise-grade, all-fiber connectivity.  

The scope of Lightpath's planned expansion covers over 80 additional route miles to Miami's south, west, and north. These expansions will also diversely connect over 20 more area data centers and provide more powerful connectivity to area cable landing stations.

Northeast Connectivity

Customers in Miami also have access to the entire Lightpath network throughout New York Metro and Greater Boston, which is comprised of over 20,000 route miles of network servicing more than 13,500 locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Northeast digital destinations also include over 100 data centerscloud connectivity hubs, and 7 cable landing stations


Inter-Market Connectivity

Lightpath also offers Miami customers inter-market connectivity on our national long haul network.

Lightpath offers long haul connectivity between Miami and Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn VA, New York Metro, Chicago, and Greater Boston.  

Whether you need to connect data center to data center, office to office, or a mixture of locations, Lightpath can custom design the perfect Miami solution for your organization.  

Miami Central Business District

By January 2023, Lightpath will be service-ready and construction-ready in Miami's Central Business District, and we are prepared to build to your location. Outside of the CBD, Lightpath's northern and western rings are planned to operational in April 2023. 

The Lightpath network offers unsurpassed service options, reliability, and security. From dark fiber to bandwidth options up to an incredible 800 Gbps, Lightpath can provide or build the perfect solution for your needs.