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A New Choice for All-Fiber Connectivity in Boston.

Hello Boston,
We're Lightpath.

A New Choice in Boston

After over 30 years in the connectivity business throughout the NY Metro area, Lightpath is service-ready in the Boston region and ready to provide our all-fiber connectivity services to new customers. Our market entrance was accelerated by 3 acquisitions in the area, which were announced in June.

This means that Lightpath is open for business, becoming the first new choice for all-fiber, enterprise-grade connectivity in Boston since industry consolidation began over a decade ago. 

In total, Lightpath has over 80 route miles of fiber serving over 100 locations, including 12 data centers, throughout Downtown Boston, Boston Seaport, Cambridge, Somerville, Waltham, Bedford, Burlington, and Lowell.  

And we're just getting started. 

Boston - Cambridge

Lightpath acquired in-place, service-ready fiber network throughout Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. Coupled with our next-generation optical and packet gear, Lightpath now offers unsurpassed service capabilities, reliability, and security for Ethernet, Optical Transport, Internet Access, Private Networks, Dark Fiber, SD-WAN, Voice, Security Solutions, and Managed Services.  

Lightpath is also construction-ready, meaning that we can immediately build to new service locations and continue to expand our network in the region.  

Boston - NYC Connectivity

Lightpath has also connected our Boston Region network with our New York Metro network. Boston area customers have access to all of Lightpath's 18,000+ route miles of network servicing 12,000+ locations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

All Lightpath customers can now take advantage of connectivity between NY Metro and the Boston Region. 

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