Dark Fiber

Your Own Fiber, Right Where You Need It

  • Total Control

    You have total control over your own private fiber, with your optronics on the endpoints to connect to the next point.

  • Massively Scalable

    Dark fiber is virtually limitless in its bandwidth and the services that it can support.

  • Custom Topology

    Whether you need a single pair of fibers, or a more complex multi-site dark fiber network, Lightpath can customize a solution to fit your needs.

Lightpath Dark Fiber

When you need dark fiber for your network goals, a Lightpath engineering team can provide options of routes, strands, and end point locations from which you can choose. 

Add your own optronics at the end points to create a point-to-point circuit, or as part of a larger, more complex topology.  

Dark fiber offers nearly limitless bandwidth and the ability to support massive amounts of services, all with predictable performance.  

The Lightpath Network

Lightpath offers over 20,000 route miles of fiber serving over 13,500 service locations throughout our footprint.  

Work with a Lightpath engineering team to determine the best options for where you need dark fiber.  

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