Landing Station Connect

Subsea to Land.
Lightpath to You.

  • Powerful Connectivity

    Reliable, all-fiber connectivity from end to end.

  • Fiber Where You Need It

    Connect Landing Stations to offices, data centers, or anywhere you need.

  • Secure & Resilient

    Direct connectivity through our transport service provides greater protection from cyber threats.

From the Sea to You, via Lightpath.

Subsea cable communications have always been important, but today there is a new generation of subsea building happening.

With the increase of subsea cables comes an increase of bandwidth availability and services on those cables. Eventually, the new cables, and their services, all need to make their way back to land. 

Requirements for connectivity at cable landing stations continues to evolve. Whether it's your first connection to a landing station, or you need to add more bandwidth, Lightpath has the solutions from New York to New Jersey. 

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On-Net Cable Landing Stations

New York

  • 957 Station Road, Bellport
  • 1 Coraci Blvd, Shirley
  • 14 Ramsey Road, Shirley
  • Waterside Ave, Fort Salonga
  • Barnum Island

New Jersey

  • 1400 Wall Church, Wall Twsp
  • 1941 State Route 34, Wall Twsp

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