Property Owners & Managers

Bringing Lightpath into your building increases its value while increasing tenant satisfaction - all at no cost to property owners.

  • Increase Property Value

    Businesses run at the speed of their network, and quality connectivity is a top requirement for tenants

  • Tenant Solutions

    Tenants gain access to Lightpath's next-generation connectivity solutions

  • Retain Tenants

    Well connected properties are more desirable and tenants are more likely to stay.

Owner/Manager Benefits

Connecting your building with Lightpath is fast and easy. With over 15,000 service locations, we have this down and make the process easy for landlords.  

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Lightpath Real Estate Partners

Tenant Benefits

In today's world, quality connectivity is a top requirement for tenants looking for new space, as well as when considering renewals.  

Lightpath offers your tenants a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation connectivity solutions from Internet, to private networks, and voice.  

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Lightpath Tenant Benefits

Referral Partner Commissions

Refer tenants, or other potential customers, to Lightpath, and you can unlock a host of lucrative benefits, including cash commissions.  

Rest easy, knowing you're referring tenants to a connectivity provider who offers next generation solutions combined with prioritizing their overall customer experience.  

Referral Partner Program

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