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Referral Partner Program

Referral Partners

In business, a referral can be a powerful tool for making new connections and creating opportunities. Through the Lightpath Referral Partner Program you have the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions and enable us to deliver our next-generation connectivity solutions to new and valued customers.

For Program Members, to submit a qualified lead, please go here.  

To apply to the Program, simply fill out the form below.

It's Simple and You Can Earn Real Commissions

By introducing our salespeople to your customers and business contacts, you create the opportunity to earn generous commissions for every lead that becomes a new Lightpath customer.

Apply to become a member of the Referral Partner Program. Once accepted, any time your have a referral lead, simply submit the lead in our online form, and we do the rest.  


Target Referrals

  • Located within our network footprint (not required for select Managed Services).
  • Has approximately 20+ employees.
  • Spends $1,500 or more per month on Data, Internet, and Voice connectivity services
  • Typically requires high levels of bandwidth
  • Operates in a range of industries including finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, education (K-12 and Higher Ed), government, IT, or legal.

Become a Referral Partner Today

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