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Business Continuity: The Power of Advanced Proactive Monitoring

As enterprise networks continue to grow in scale, complexity, and usage, providing reliable and secure performance becomes a continual challenge for IT teams, especially those running mission-critical applications over data networks. That’s why network operators are choosing an advanced proactive network monitoring solution to get the results they need.


Advanced Proactive Network Monitoring can provide valuable insights to network operators enabling faster resolution before potential problems escalate.


Unlike standard reactive monitoring, it monitors the network infrastructure 24/7 to detect and identify additional real-time issue details. This is especially important for organizations running a mission-critical business and who are sensitive to added latency or outages.

Advanced proactive monitoring involves continual and connected visibility into your entire network, with both ends of the transport network monitored to detect issues. The automatic continual background analysis of network issues not only enables your IT group to be more quickly notified of an issue, but also includes critical information regarding the root cause of the damaging network performance and suggestions for corrective actions. This added benefit results in shorter business disruptions because corrective actions can be taken more quickly before users or customers notice, and the problem results in costly operational downtime.  

Lightpath Advanced Proactive Monitoring provides more


Lightpath Advanced Proactive Monitoring offers the 24/7 support your organization needs for improved business continuity.


It detects and delivers proactive alerts of slowdowns, increased latency, and complete connectivity outages before there is a chance for damage or escalation to a larger, more critical problem.

Our expert technical support teams work with your technical staff to resolve by providing fault isolation details, circuit IDs, remote repair tasks, remote fault clearance if possible, and remote maintenance on network elements as needed to correct faults.


Lightpath communicates with proactive, real-time notifications within 15 minutes if an issue is identified.


We even open an expedited trouble ticket for you and verify when repairs are successfully completed. Historical trend reporting insights are also available to improve your network performance.  

However, not all monitoring solutions are created equal, and many do not even offer these advanced features. Unlike most other solutions, Lightpath Advanced Proactive Monitoring was built in-house to provide a more cost-effective, secure service, and quicker resolutions. You won’t need integrations with third-party vendors that can cause delays and issues. Lightpath has control.

Lightpath’s Advanced Proactive Monitoring features can help improve productivity, increase reliability, mitigate the loss of revenue, and protect your organization's reputation while saving on operational costs. To experience the difference of Lightpath Advanced Proactive Monitoring, contact us at 877-544-4872.