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Optical Transport

Next Generation Optical Transport to 800 Gbps.

  • Massive Bandwidth

    Next-generation, dedicated wavelength options from
    1 Gbps to 800 Gbps

  • Next-Gen Technology

    Lightpath's next-generation optical network offers the best of resiliency, latency, and jitter.

  • Where You Need It

    Lightpath can deliver waves to offices, data centers, cloud providers, financial exchanges, or wherever you need them.

Massive Bandwidth Options

Get the bandwidths your applications demand — then use our bursting feature to get higher speeds when you need it. 

Channel multiple services over a single wavelength. Lightpath’s modular point-to-point connection delivers sub-rate multiplexing on a dedicated Layer-1 connection, plus the flexibility to scale up as your business grows.

1 - 10G, 40G, 100G, 200G, 400G, 800G, or Custom

Wavelengths mean virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity. Lightpath provides the route diversity and resiliency to rapidly and reliably move huge amounts of data across our advanced fiber optic network.

Low, Predictable Latency

Built for latency-sensitive businesses, Lightpath’s Optical Transport services provide ultrafast, ultra-transparent connections you can customize and grow. Choose from a variety of OTS options that deliver high availability, reliability, and scalability. 

Dedicated & Fully Managed

Fast, reliable wavelength services are at the core of Lightpath Optical Transport Services.  Layer 1 wavelengths offer similar benefits to Dark Fiber, only in a fully managed, lit service. Delivered over our next generation, optical network, wavelengths offer unparalleled control, security, and flexibility.  

Optical Transport Product Sheet

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