Managed Security

Cyber Security Assessment

Lightpath wants to help.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is critical that your business security systems remain steps ahead. Through proactive strategies and intuitive tools, you can ensure your business has the level of security required to mitigate potential risks.  

By completing this questionnaire, we can help you to identify any gaps in your network security and offer more comprehensive solutions.

1. Has your business ever experienced a cyberattack?
2. Are your cybersecurity defense systems regularly refreshed to protect against new types of cyberattacks as they evolve?
3. Does your firewall do deep packet inspection to analyze data content?
4. Do you have a solution in place to monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks?
5. Do you have employees or contractors who are responsible for keeping your computers and networks safe from cyberattack?
6. Do you have multiple locations and if so, do they all have cybersecurity protection?
7. Do you have staff who work from home or from other off-site locations who need secure remote access to your sites?
8. How important is uninterrupted Internet access for both your employees and customers?
9. Is there anything else you would like us to know?