LP DDoS Shield

Superior DDoS Protection
+ AI/ML for What's Next

  • Superior Technology

    Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) for defense against today's most advanced attacks + AI/ML for what's next.

  • Real-Time Portal

    Real-time custom portal for peace-time and attack-time data & insights.

  • Lightpath Only Benefits

    DDoS protection + Internet from Lightpath provides the timeliest detection & mitigation with the least impact to latency.

Super Technology

DDoS attacks continue to evolve in their tactics and Lightpath has you covered. LP DDoS Shield utilizes patented AI/ML algorithms that constantly evolve as attacks morph.  

LP DDoS Shield offers robust features in two tiers, Plus and Premier, to suit the needs of your organization. Both versions offer extensive protections plus access to a real-time portal.  Premier offers advanced features such as protections from Low & Slow attacks, advanced DNS attacks, and geolocation filtering.  

Please refer to the LP DDoS Shield Product Sheet for a complete list of offering features.  

LP DDoS Shield Product Sheet

Real-Time Portal

Get complete visibility into your LP DDoS Shield protection with a real-time portal for all peacetime and attack-time traffic flows, reports, and insights. 

Advanced security dashboards provide unified visibility into the attack lifecycle and analysis. View traffic flows and security status, get information on type of attack. Create and download reports.

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Lightpath ISP Benefits

Getting your DDoS protection & Internet from Lightpath creates exclusive benefits:

  • Timeliest detection & mitigation
  • Elimination of extra hops for traffic being scrubbed
  • Lowest impact to latency for network performance
  • One expert support team to care for your Internet service and DDoS protection


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