DDoS Protection

Fight DDoS Attacks with Instant Protection

  • Scalable Solution

    Quickly and easily deployable, our volumetric DDoS protection goes to work fast and scales as you need it.

  • Real-Time Protection

    DDoS Protection securely and easily leverages distributed high capacity scrubbing centers to cleanse traffic from a volumetric attack, within seconds.

  • Save Time & Money

    Avoid the expense and lost time that comes with equipment deployment and management.

Fast Deployment & Fast Mitigation

  • Without the need to deploy additional equipment on-site, Lightpath’s in-cloud systems will automatically perform volumetric DDoS detection on all of your inbound Internet traffic.
  • During a volumetric DDoS attack, the Managed DDoS Protection Service automatically identifies and re-routes suspect data away from the network so that it can be cleansed and analyzed without disturbance to your business.
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Customization & Reporting

  • Customize Your Protection Ensure the solution that works best for your business by configuring for your specific network objects, identifying normal traffic patterns, and customizing to your connectivity requirements.
  • Receive Incident Reports View details on multiple attack characteristics such as type of attack, duration, target destination, and more.
DDoS Protection Product Sheet

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